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Railways Reservation

In India railways are important mode of commutation. Reservation of train tickets can be made through following ways.

  1. Thousands of Reservation Counters in different districts
  2. Offices of different travel Agencies
  3. Railways reservation websites. In reservation websites you have following important websites.

Reservations can be made by any of the reservation counters for any destination. Travel agencies also available you tickets and some other good deals. Online Railways reservation websites has its own advantages. Railways reservation website IRCTC is popular one.

Railways reservation websites in terms of Railways reservation official website:

Apart from Railways reservation official website there is another website Railways reservation website IRCTC to provide you catering and tourism services.

Railways reservation official website is also important one from Railways reservation websites. You can visit to following website to book your ticket and know your PNR status.www.indianrail.gov.in

It allows you to log in to Railways reservation website IRCTC for reservation through internet. If you have registration in this website then you can easily book your ticket. Railways reservation OTA websites- over 30 online travel agents apart from Railways reservation official website to serve for reservations in India. Have a look over some of important Railways reservation OTA websites.

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