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Waiting ticket and confirmed ticket chance

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IRCTC online railway ticket booking is convenient and a simple affair. One need not wait in long queues for obtaining a ticket. At IRCTC website book tatkal tickets and other tickets of your own choice by sitting at the office desk or by sitting just within the four walls of your home. For getting a ticket you need to login early in the morning as early as just before eight in the morning. After eight it is the rush hour and lines become busy.

Reservation against cancellation

RAC or Reservation against Cancellation is awarded only when the seats are full. Waiting list starts when the number of people booking climbs up to ninty. There is a certain quota of general tickets and once this is full then reservation against cancellation operation starts. When confirmed seats start getting cancelled reserved quota starts getting these seats. People travelling with a Reserved against Cancellation ticket have to satisfy themselves by just sharing a berth with strangers. Ticket checker confirms the ticket only if the cancellation confirmation is received.

Waiting lists

Once the reservation against cancellation quota is dealt with the waiting list candidates start getting a chance of having their seat reserved. Online tickets which come under the category of waiting list cannot be used. Tickets of this kind can only be used if they come from some railway office or railway station. Online waiting list ticket holders cannot board a train. But offline waiting list ticket holders can do the same. If the online ticket has reached the reservation against cancellation category then one can board the train.

If one is not lucky enough to travel with his online ticket then in that case he will be able to get back his money and that also via online channel too. Small problem is that a small amount will be deducted from the amount credited to your bank account.

Before boarding the train a person in the waiting list should ascertain that he will be able to secure a seat on time during his journey.Many people complain that railway website does not show waiting list category very clearly. This problem needs to be looked into for effective functioning of IRCTC website.

Different categories of waiting lists

Waiting lists appear in distinct letters on the website. WL tickets belong to the General quota. These tickets are not difficult to use. LDWL stands for a list which is meant for tickets against seat reservations made by ladies. Another type of waiting list is the CKWL. CKWL ticket can be obtained for getting a tatkal ticket. If a tatkal ticket booker cancels his ticket the ticket will go to a tatkal ticket booker. Waiting list which is more than 10 in number brings little hope for those in the waiting list. PQWL ticket can be obtained against the pooled quota. In this instance there is almost not hope for getting the ticket confirmed. Once the waiting list candidates are able to secure seats the seats become open for PQWL category.

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