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Booking Tatkal Tickets IRCTC Way

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Are you well versed with computer booking? Online booking is both simple and confusing. It is simple for people who know how to use a computer. Many people find the process of IRCTC online ticket booking a confusing process when they are booking for the first time. Tatkal online booking is possible on IRCTC, Makemytrip, Yatra, cleartrip ect and on counters.

Saving money by booking online

Tatkal Seva is utilized by people who take a sudden decision for going somewhere. At times there is an emergency and in that case tatkal booking comes very handy. The process of booking starts a day before the travel is about to commence. Tatkal booking facility starts as early as eight in the morning. Railway station, railway booking office or online website portal of Indian Railways can be visited for doing so.

Early riser finds it easy to book online because at this time there is little traffic to this site. As the time passes the online counter becomes clogged up and booking becomes a difficult process. Routes much travelled will show you that everybody is trying to book an early ticket. But with few well guided steps in how to overcome this difficulty you will definitely be able to book a ticket for yourself without much trouble.

Book Train Ticket online

First and foremost if you are a regular traveller you need to make an online IRCTC account. IRCTC website allows you to make an account of your own by creating a username and a password. Visit the website of IRCTC and move on to the sign up option on the page. For an IRCTC account holder it is mandatory to have an email address. A mobile number too is required for creating an account. Online tickets are forwarded to one's email and these can be printed out. Mobile number is useful because the PNR number is forwarded to this number.

SMS on the mobile too is a passport for travelling on the train. But to be able to use the SMS in lieu of a ticket one needs to carry an identification proof on his person. Internet connection owners find it fast to login before eight in the morning.

Process of booking

To get a tatkal ticket one should know all about the train on which one is booking. Right train for the desired destination should be searched for after logging on to the IRCTC website. One can only book a seat if the seats are showing to be available. The train should be searched according to the time at which one wishes to travel also. The dated the train is scheduled to leave also matters. An online user should know what train codes and station codes are. The codes are required in the online form fields.

Waiting list of around 300 people in the line will allow you to book online. If the number of people is higher in the waiting quota then you are not allowed to book till the time the number comes down.

Alphanumeric characters need to be fed after all the data is fed. The booking is confirmed only after the payment is made. Go for a payment option which does not charge money for doing so.

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