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Upgrading Indian Railway Ticket

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How Train Travel class Upgraded By Indian Railway

It is possible to travel in 3rd AC class even when the fair has been paid for a sleeper class. If you have a confirmed ticket with you a little bit of mental exercise can make travelling easier for you.

Those who wish to travel in a better class they can certainly do so without adding a dime to the existing ticket fare.

This is no wonder because a simple procedure has to be followed to become a beneficiary of this scheme. A form needs to be filled and submitted during the purchase of IRCTC train ticket. Online booking system works on its own to select travellers for upgradation. Upgradation takes place when the charts are being prepared.

Workings of Upgradation process

Any train which provides sleeping berths to its commuters is covered by railway ticket upgradation scheme.

Many tickets are however not covered up by this upgradation scheme. These tickets can be concession tickets or those which can be bought with partial full fare towards them. At times people buy bulk tickets. These bulk tickets are also not covered up by upgradation scheme.

Upgradation does not mean that you can jump from any one level of seating to another. Upgradation takes you only one level high. Passengers who are travelling under one PNR number become eligible for upgradation. Upgradation in this case is meant for all the six passengers covered up by the scheme. If any one member is ousted it means the upgradation offer is also lost and the passengers get back their original PNR number. The passenger chart shows both the old PNR number and the new upgraded PNR number.

Seat availability

If you wish to get information about seats that are available for desiring candidates it is possible to do so by going online to Indian Railway Website. This can be further seen by entering both the source station and the originating station. After entering the station code you need to enter the class in which you wish to board. For general seat availability information select All class. Journey date too is required for getting full know how of seat availability.

PNR Status

Upgradation is possible and easier if you know something about PNR number. PNR number is Passenger Name Record. This record is maintained in the reservation system in the computer.

PNR status can be checked via phone SMS alerts or service provider services like that of Cleartrip, Makemytrip.com or Yatra.com. Text messages on the phone do not take much time and are received instantly. There is no need to even talk on the phone. SMS to 139 will get you your PNR status.

Online tickets and upgradation

Many still find it a tedious task to book a ticket online and upgrading it is certainly a tedious task in this case. Those who wish to book tickets online need to get up early in the morning to do so as the website is opened up for public at eight in the morning. The speed of the internet requires a lot of improvement to carry out various booking tasks. Quality of this website too needs to be improved.

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