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IRCTC Ticket Booking, Cancellation and Tatkal Charge

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Ticket Booking was never easier but today No more standing in long lines, no more waiting for hours, no more travelling a long distance and no more facing the irritated prospective buyers at railway booking counters because IRCTC is here with online ticket booking facility for all.

Booking a ticket is quite simple online as all one needs is a little bit knowledge of computers, a printer at hand and a little bit of language for booking the tickets.

Before booking the ticket online you need to be clear about few things. Things like charges towards tatkal booking and that towards normal are slightly different from each other.

What are normal ticket charges?

One needs to pay the fixed fare towards the ticket along with IRCTC charge and the Bank commission.

About Tatkal Tickets

For getting a tatkal ticket online a purchaser needs to pay the fixed ticket fare plus tatkal charge plus IRCTC charge and the Bank commission.

Payment towards IRCTC Charge

For each transaction one does online a person needs to pay Rs.10/ for the transaction. This charge is meant for the first class ticket and the second class ticket. But those booking a ticket for a first AC or the second AC the charge increases by Rs.10/ and one needs to pay Rs.20/ on the whole. Some banks levy a charge for online booking. But still there are other banks which allow free online booking to its members. Bank charges are added to the IRCTC ticket charges.

What is Bank Commission towards IRCTC tickets?

Whether you go for a single ticket or multiple tickets the charge remain the same i.e. Rs.10/- for a transaction through an ATM cub Debit Card. Some banks like the CITY Bank charges more i.e. 1.8% of the ticket charge.

Payment to be made by Credit Card Payers

Different banks ask for different charges toward ticket bookings done via credit cards. Transaction done through this mode is faster than any other mode. State Bank of India has made things simpler by issuing a card with which tickets can be booked free of charge of every kind.

Net Banking for booking IRCTC tickets

Net Banking is a popular mode for booking tickets. Computer savy people find it easier to use this method for paying for IRCTC tickets. For accessing net banking facility one just needs to put one's username and the personal password before pressing the confirm button. Instant deduction of the amount is not done for this transaction when net banking is done. The money is only deducted after few days.

There are however still some banks which do not charge for this transaction. Among these banks we have the names of Punjab National Bank, Indusind Bank, Bank of Baroda and Federal Bank. Banks like HDFC charge ten rupees along with service tax and cess towards education if it applies. ICICI Bank also charges Rs.10/ and service tax if it applies. Indian Bank charges ten rupees for every transaction and same goes for State Bank of India.

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