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Refund Rules of IRCTC E-ticket and I-ticket cancellation

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What are refund rules? Refund rules apply to situation in which one has paid for a ticket but has been unable to get the same. Online booking is done at IRCTC website and payment is paid via credit card, an ATM cum Debit Card or Net Banking. All money that is paid through this electronic transfer is returned to the customer on failure of the transaction going through. Apart from this service charge that is levied on the transaction is also given to the customer. Even though the fee is refunded IRCTC is not responsible for the customer receiving the payment into his bank account after it sending it to the same.

Why can't we blame IRCTC for the non-receipt of money in the bank account?

Besides IRCTC many other channels are involved in the transaction of funds process hence problem can occur at any level. During holidays the transaction might be delayed. If there is any kind of internet problem transaction can again be delayed.

Charge towards ticket cancellation

When a certain amount is deducted after online transaction process is complete the amount deducted depends upon the time at which the cancellation has been made and also the status of the ticket at that time.

To cancel and get the refund back for a ticket that has been confirmed one needs to start the refund process a day earlier. The refund also depends upon the railway seat one has planned to travel on.

Refund Amount on cancellation

An AC ticket for first class or executive class will get one an amount of Rs.120/ back as refund. Rs.100/- will be given to a client who had planned to travel first class or AC 2 Tier. People who had planned to travel by AC Chair Car or AC 3 Tier or AC 3 Economy they will get back Rs.90/. Rs.60/ or Rs.30/ can be expected as refund money by sleeper class travellers and second class travellers respectively.

People, who go for cancellation mere twenty four hours before the departure of the train and that also for tickets which have been confirmed, will only be able to secure 25% of the fare paid. This also holds true for cancellations which are made just four hours of the departure. If the person cancels a ticket after the train has left then only 50% amount can be expected back.

There is prescribed time limit for cancellation of tickets. The limit is made for distance that is to be travelled. Cancellation can be done up to three hours for a distance of up to 200 Km. six hour limitation is there for distance between 201 km to 500 km. for distance over 500 km the time limit given is twelve hours.

How to cancel E-ticket and I-ticket?

Cancellation of E-ticket depend on time of ticket cancellation and status of booked ticket (Confirmed/RAC/Waiting). If passenger trying to cancel it before chart preparation that is 4 hours before departure of train, it can be done through online mode only. In case chart prepared, TDR has to be filed. However I-ticket can be cancelled only at a reservation counter that is computerized. The ticket needs to be given back manually. If E-ticket is of waiting status, it will be automatically cancelled and amount will be refunded to account.

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